How a water massage table can benefit your spa

Lemi has always developed and improved its own products, finding out new solutions and complying with design quality and product features. It designs, manufactures and controls the entire production cycle in its factory, and are 100% made in Italy. 

Lemi is increasingly moving towards innovation not only for the mere creation of new products, but also to triggering completely new experiences for customers, implementing innovative solutions to make the beds more comfortable and more suitable for operators who work a whole day.

This purpose was achieved thanks to its collaboration with Jean-Guy de Gabriac, one of the best experts and trainers worldwide. Lemi introduced an innovative massage, purposely designed on its Spa Dream massage table, which has the option of housing water cushions or quartz sand to optimise the treatment.

It’s the first time a massage has been studied and created specifically on a water table, and thanks to Gabriac’s experience, the outcome has been enhanced. The treatment fully reaps the benefits and the effects of Spa Dream’s four new water pillows, especially designed to distribute weight and heat, thus giving more stability to both client and practitioner. 

The lack of gravity, the feeling of warmth from the pillows and hands bring a complete muscle relaxation. Meanwhile, the new tilting movement of the table enhances the spine loosening and lymphatic drainage. 

The inspiration for this treatment come from the ocean and its continuous motion. The hands are like boats finding out new routes to achieve the wellbeing through techniques coming from all over the world (for example, Hawaiian Lomilomi), which find their place in this complete, draining and relaxing massage taking the client on an individual journey, which brings the water and body flow together, thus regenerating it.

In addition to Lemi's 10-year warranty (one of the longest on the market), its customers are supported both during the product selection phase with its tailor-made services (which we satisfy any customisation requirements, such as colour, size and additional features), right until the end of the product life cycle with Lemi Lifetime Assistance, which guarantees spare parts and appropriate technical solutions even after many years.

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