How to choose quality British furniture for your spa

If you’re looking to invest in spa furniture, it can be difficult to avoid misleading offers or poor quality products. However, by knowing how to invest in a great piece of British furniture, you can save your business time and money.

Often when a product arrives, you may find it is of poor quality and does not last nearly as long as the manufacturers promised. This can lead to disappointment and can put your business out of pocket if you have to buy a replacement.

British manufacturing is still regarded as one of the best in the world, using skills handed down from generation to generation and combined with the merging of modern technology.

There are obvious reasons why you should buy British. It supports local industry and craftsmanship, which in turn buys employment, and reduces our carbon footprint by eliminating the need for freight whether by land, sea or air.

If you’re looking to purchase new furniture for your business, the experts at REM recommended considering three key points before handing over your hard-earned money.

1. Check the quality and durability

Is it going to stand up to the rigours of a busy spa or salon? Check if it is made from quality materials and if the moving parts move smoothly.

Is it a recognised brand with a good reputation? It’s also worth considering the specifications of a product, such as whether it is electrically safe and if it carries the BS (British Standard) trademarks. 

If it’s a product with a water supply, check if it complies with WRAS certification. These are just two examples that make products legally compliant for use in the UK.

2. See it in person

If you’re thinking of investing money into refurbishing your business, you need to see, touch, feel and test the product before you buy.

Transparency of production is a big factor. Is the company happy to open its doors for you and demonstrate its capability and process through factory and showroom visits? Being able to touch the products before you buy can save you a lot of inconvenience, especially when your purchase is likely to be expensive.

Customer aftercare is also important. If anything should go wrong, check how quickly the company react and repair a failing product. REM salon and spa furniture offers a 3 year warranty on its product range, giving customers the confidence and satisfaction that the money they have spent will not come back to haunt them.

3. Check the price

Shop around and do your homework. Good deals can be found on products that comply with British standards and will serve you and your business well. The cheapest is rarely the best and for that matter, the same can be said for the most expensive.

Your initial investment into British quality might cost a little more but be proud that you are investing also into the British economy, supporting British industry and with it the confidence that your purchase will serve you well in your business for the years ahead.

Check out REM’s range of spa furniture here. 

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