Brow lamination vs microblading: which should I offer?

Brows treatments are one of the most requested salon services, and with the rising popularity of microblading and the arrival of brow lamination, they are expected to get even bigger. Lash Perfect’s business development manager and expert technician, Natalie Piper, talks us through the key brow innovations to add to your treatment menu.

“These trending treatments are excellent additions to any treatment menu,” says Piper. If you’re considering updating your brow services this year, Piper recommends offering both to meet clients’ needs.

 “Some clients prefer natural or full and fluffy brows, while others are on the hunt for treatments to create dramatic and defined brows. The key for technicians is to have a range of services to provide whatever look clients desire,” she says.

Hi Brow Lamination

What is the treatment?

“Brow hairs are realigned into their desired shape using expertly formulated products, giving results that last up to six to eight weeks,” says Piper. The brow lamination treatment involves straightening, smoothing and styling the brows, giving you perfect brows every day. A quick brush through the brows each morning is all it takes.

Who is it for?

“Brow Lamination works for all brows types, including brows that have gaps,” says Piper. “It’s also perfect for taming unruly brows for a sleeker look. The treatment allows varying brow looks to be achieved, whether glam and brushed up or sleek and natural, and can also be adapted to suit male clients.”

Business benefits

This trending treatment is expected to be in high demand. The entire process takes between 30-45 minutes, and a tint can be included alongside. The product costs for brow lamination is under £5 per client, with a recommended treatment price of £30­­-£50.

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Brow Perfect Microblading

What is the treatment?

 This microblading treatment creates the perfect brow shape by applying semi-permanent colour with an incredibly fine, sterile blade, which plants the pigment into the epidermis (the top layer of the skin).

“Tiny hair strokes are delicately drawn on the brow area with the blade to create brows that can last up to 18 months,” says Piper, making it great for clients who want semi-permanent results. 

“It is a technique delivered by hand only, giving the technician complete control,” she adds. “This is an intricate treatment, which requires in-depth training to cover all aspects of the technique, including brow mapping, colour theory and correct application.”

Who is it for? 

“Microblading can be performed on most clients who want longer-lasting results,” says Piper, “and for clients with little to no brow hair, microblading may be a more suitable treatment.”

Lash Perfect’s training includes expert brow mapping as well as health, safety and hygiene information.

“Contraindications are also explained in detail as there are some medical conditions or medications that prevent the treatment from taking place, or alter how the treatment should be performed,” she says.

“Technicians can rest assured they will leave the course confident to perform a successful and safe service,” says Piper. If a client has sensitive skin, an allergy alert test is advised, and if there is a positive reaction, the treatment shouldn't be performed. 

Business benefits 

This is a very popular treatment that costs under £15 per client to perform, with the recommended treatment price of £150-£350 depending on your region. A top-up treatment is recommended after six months. From then, the treatment can last up to a total of 18 months. The entire treatment and consultation takes two to three hours.  

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