How can I explain to clients the benefits of upgrading to cosmeceuticals?

Skincare sales are increasingly relevant to salon and spa turnover. Every other shop on the high street, as well as online sellers, are competing for the consumer spend, so you may be thinking about how your own skincare brands can bring you increased sales and loyalty.

Introducing advanced cosmeceutical brands that really impress clients could be your ticket to boosting retail and securing repeat treatment bookings. Cosmeceuticals are formulated to get the best out of the science-backed ingredients available to us. One of the significant differences between cosmeceuticals and “standard” skincare is in the use of highly active ingredients.

When looking for cosmeceutical brands for your salon, look for those with clinical data that shows the changes in skin structure and function over a period of usage. The results can be phenomenal. If the images are genuinely (and some are) from published clinical data then you and your clients can trust them. Show these studies to clients and explain the benefits of the active ingredients and clinical-grade formulas. A dermatologistled study showing how a certain product reduces lines around the eyes or the appearance of acne is so powerful.

Don’t forget to add that in most cases prices are similar to many popular luxury skincare brands, if not the same. Get clients to think about how much they are paying for a product without the evidence just because the marketing looks lovely. Cosmeceutical ranges can deliver highly effective, enjoyable-to-use products that really address clients’ skincare concerns.

Lorna Bowes is an aesthetic nurse and founding partner of Aesthetic Source, which distributes cosmeceutical brands Neostrata and Exuviance. Hear her speak on how to make skincare your biggest income as part of the Advanced Treatments seminar programme at PB London on February 28.