Getting the most out of gel products without causing damage to clients’ nails

How can I get the most out of gel products without causing damage to clients’ nails? 

There are several gel products on the market that offer a longlasting, chip-free finish. Many also offer the luxury of no drying time or curing under a UV or LED light, so gone are the days of clients eagerly waiting around for their nails to dry.

However, these amazing benefits often come with a downside. As nail techs, we know that preparation is the key for lasting results, but excess buffing and dehydration can cause trauma and damage to the natural nail. For example, the removal process often involves the use of acetone, which can dry out nails and cuticles.

But with modern technology and advanced ingredients there are now gel products on the market, such as peel-off ones, that have eliminated the need for buffing and dehydrating.

Peel-off gel products can give shine to the nail and encourage natural oils to form, and when removing the product all you need to do is peel it away – there’s no need for acetone or buffing. It leaves the nail as shiny as when the gel was first applied and completely damage-free.

Your clients will see and feel the difference from the first application and it means no need to book them in for tedious removal services.

Rebecca Simpson is a director at nail and skincare distributor Trosani UK and trains nail technicians to use the company’s wide range of nail care products.