How can I improve my website’s search rankings on Google?

How can I improve my website’s search rankings on Google?

Many salons suffer from the same problem – their websites look great but potential customers struggle to find them. However, getting onto the first page of Google isn’t as difficult as it seems. There are three things you can do to get your salon ranked higher on the search engine’s local search.

Firstly, do some research into the keywords your customers type in when looking for a beauty salon in the area; for example, location and the type of treatment they want. Then, update all your website’s page titles and meta descriptions to include these keywords so Google will be able to find you quicker and rank you higher. A salon I worked with jumped from page four to one on Google just by making this change, which has led to an average of three new phone calls a day.

Create a Google My Business page. This will put your information on search, maps and Google+ so customers can find you. You should also open an account on Google+, the search engine’s own social network. These tools are intrinsically linked and critical if you want to be found by potential clients who live locally. Registering your salon on both and including a full list of the treatments will help you come up top on Google’s map feature if you’re the closet salon to where the customer is.

Ask clients to give feedback about your salon on your Google business page because the search engine rewards those with rave reviews by listing them higher. Therefore, the more positive reviews you have the more likely you’ll appear on the search before your competitors.

Carina Gerrelli is a web designer at digital agency Bibble Studio. She helps beauty businesses attract customers by making sure their websites can be found by Google