How skin-savvy clients are changing the beauty and aesthetics industry

Published 02nd Oct 2020 by PB Admin
How skin-savvy clients are changing the beauty and aesthetics industry

Our industry continues to evolve and change and recently, we’ve seen a rise in more “informed” customers at beauty salons and clinics. There are many reasons for this, but one key driver is social media, which provides a thriving community to share experiences, knowledge and treatments. 

Kelly Tobin, from professional-grade beauty supplier Shop Beautiful (which launches on September 14), explains: “In recent years, we’ve seen a trend for more ingredient-led product marketing from the big consumer brands, which has resulted in clients having more knowledge and understanding of ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, which was previously exclusively known to skincare experts. This has understandably resulted in customers asking for more from us and our products.”

How are “skin savvy” clients changing the beauty and aesthetics industry?

Tobin, who has worked in the beauty and aesthetic market for the past 20 years says, “it’s about switching to a more results-based approach. If we, as beauty professionals, have a better understanding of ingredients and how they work, then we can shift our practice from offering customers a set range of products to a more flexible and customised approach”.  

This brings with it two big challenges. Firstly, it’s hard for beauty professionals to seek out new innovative products, as dealing directly with manufacturers is time consuming and often means minimum orders and laborious research. Secondly, understanding ingredients requires a certain degree of product training and support.  

How can Shop Beautiful boost your beauty salon or clinic business?

This is where Shop Beautiful comes in. “Our philosophy is simple – we utilise all of our years of experience and knowledge to seek out and bring the most innovative and best products to the UK beauty market. We then we offer all the training and support that therapists need to understand the role of active ingredients in each treatment,” explains Tobin. 

“We’ve taken the time to research and access suppliers of new and exciting products worldwide, handpicking what we believe are the best and safest products and making them available to the UK beauty market. At Shop Beautiful, we provide training and guidance to help grow your business, offering the top service and products available.”

Find out more about Shop Beautiful.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 02nd Oct 2020

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