How collagen drops can boost your clients' skin and wellbeing

Heaven has launched a new facial alongside its new product, Collagen Drops: The Heaven Collagen Face Lift for anti-ageing.

Collagen drops are highly beneficial inside and out, you can apply them to clients' skin and also advise them to drink the drops. Their skin will appear younger almost straight away.

Renowned in the beauty industry for her game-changing skincare – including her world renowned Bee Venom Masks – Deborah Mitchell is now unveiling her new anti-ageing weapon.

Mitchell has been busy researching, creating and testing these innovative skincare supplements since 2013 as part of her Inner Beauty collection.

Available in Heaven salons and online, Collagen Drops contain potent anti-ageing vitamins and minerals in a handy dropper bottle.

Thanks to a clever blend of high levels of marine collagen, glucosamine, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and biotin, they leave skin looking – and feeling – fabulous. They also promote healthy, shiny hair, renewed energy and improved joint pain.

Clients can simply add a few drops to food or drink. They can also super-charge their everyday moisturiser into a high-strength collagen cream or apply directly to the skin to tackle blemishes and fine lines. Regular purchases are great for your business but also allow you to see your clients progress.

“I’ve been working on these new supplements for a number of years now and because I am using high levels of collagen. The results so far have been just really impressive – they even have the amazing side effect of making you feel fuller so can help weight loss. No wonder my clients absolutely love them,” adds Mitchell.

Beauty consumer Katie has been using Collagen Drops for a month and has been delighted with the results: “At first I noticed my skin was glowing and then my hair looked really shiny and healthy. Once I had completed my month’s supply of drops, I stopped taking them and straight away I spotted a difference – my skin doesn't have that extra glow and my hair has started to look dull again. It’s definitely time to reorder; I’ve realised I can’t live without my Collagen Drops – I want my glow back!”
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