How organic and natural beauty will look following lockdown

Published 29th Jun 2020 by PB Admin
How organic and natural beauty will look following lockdown

Amongst the turmoil of the past few months, it is reassuring to see some positive opportunities are appearing for the beauty market.

The continued, consistent growth of the natural and organic skin care market over the past decade is well documented, now accounting for around £100m in annual sales in the sector. 

The good news is that the organic skincare market is looking to continue its sustained pattern of growth post Covid-19. Latest research from Mintel points to an increased focus on products that have the following elements:

- Healthy nature

- Protective nature

- Sustainable nature

Why does the organic consumer want organic products? 

As in any market, it’s important to understand what is driving the organic phenomenon, research shows the following factors in play:

-41% reassurance – Preserving health, looking for healthy products and keeping skin healthy 

-26% consciousness – Interested in preserving the planet, respecting the manufacturing process, being an ethical consumer

-21% pleasure – lovely to use, a sensorial experience

-4% fear – suspicion and desire to get away from chemicals and pesticides etc


The organic skincare holy grail

For natural and organic skincare, a lack of efficacy, consistency, quality, range limitation and transparency have historically limited growth in the UK skincare market.

“We’ve long searched for a range that met these criteria. It’s been incredibly difficult to find a range of organic professionally managed skincare that can give the salon what it really needs and wants,” says Dermadist House and managing director Marc Swallow.

This search would lead Swallow to France and to Estime et Sens (e+s). “What we found there was our organic holy grail.  A range of over 60 organically certified products and 10 treatments, consistent, of high quality and successfully sold in over 600 professionally managed French salons at a reasonable price,“ says Swallow. 

Established by Yann Maurel-Lore an aesthetician and parfumier in 2009, e+s is dedicated to the professionally managed organic skincare market. It’s developed a coherent brand strategy and portfolio focusing on providing quality, effective organic products that provide consumers with pleasurable experiences.

Each product contains a main active ingredient, carefully selected and measured to provide a targeted solution to a specific skin problem and deliver its promise. Used in combination, products provide a tailor-made answer to the skin issues of each customer.


Product Ingredient Promises

- 95% minimum of total ingredients are from natural origin

- 95% minimum of vegetal ingredients are organic

- 5% maximum synthetic ingredients

- All products are ECOCERT certified and have COSMEBIO labels.

- All products are without parabens, paraffin, silicone, phenoxyethanol, PEG’s, mineral oil, silicone, petrochemical Derivatives, gmo.


There’s never been a better time to consider an organic professionally managed skin care range for your business, either as an accompaniment  or alternative to other skin care ranges you have.  

For more details call Dermadist House on 020 8868 4411 or email on [email protected]

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 29th Jun 2020

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