How should I choose the right eye make-up colours for my client?

New CID Cosmetics founder Kelly Colman reveals her top tips for making eyes pop:

Clients regularly ask me to show them how they can make their eyes stand out using make-up techniques that are simple and easy to replicate. Using eyeshadow shades that complement and accentuate their eye colour is the most effective method. It’s a simple technique that customers can replicate, using your top tips, and a great opportunity for you to retail these “personalised” products for them to try at home.

If your client has blue eyes then tones of gold, bronze, chocolate and brown will make them look brighter, while shades of purple will make green eyes appear more piercing. Cool blues and silver tones add depth and warmth to brown eyes, while mossy greens and coppery pinks enhance multi-tonal, hazel eyes.

You can even take this educational tool to the next level. Ask your clients if they want to try wearing their complementary shade with a bolder colour, giving a modern twist on the smoky eye. Apply the base shade all over your client’s lid before defining the socket and lash line with the bolder shade, creating a bespoke sultry eye. Complete the look with a neutral lip so the make-up is balanced.

This service brings a more personalised approach to client make-up education, where customers not only welcome new products but are given tailored and informative tips that they can use every day. It helps bring that professional finish home.

Kelly Colman is the founder of British make-up brand New CID Cosmetics, which supplies salons, spas and retail stores.