How to apply gel-polish close to the cuticle

Q: How can I get my gel nails close enough to the cuticle?

Often nail techs forget that preparation is the most important element when creating a good manicure. The more time you can spend preparing, the better your manicure will be. Cuticles are key so make sure you always push back and remove your client’s excess cuticle. 

Take your time. Currently, everyone is obsessed with five-finger curing. If you are painting properly it takes around 30-40 seconds to paint two nails. So, once you have painted one coat of gel onto two nails, ask your client to pop their hands under the lamp. This prevents shrinkage and ensures the product stays as close to the cuticle line as possible . It won’t slow your application down. 

Picking the right brush to paint your gel manicure is as important as picking the right gel. For example, Bio Sculpture gel comes in a jar, which means you can choose whichever brush you work best with. This allows you to select the right artistic tool for you, helping you perfect your manicure. 

As they say, practice makes perfect, and when trying to achieve the ultimate flawless gel manicure this really is the case.

Claire AggarwalClaire Aggarwal is founder of Perfect 10 mobile beauty and now works with Bio Sculpture as head of business development. 

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