Guest blog: how to be the best employer you can be

City Retreat Employer of the Year 2017

Lesley Caster, owner of City Retreat Salon & Spa in Newcastle, which won Professional Beauty’s Employer of the Year 2017 and Beauty Salon of the Year: Four Rooms or More 2017 Awards, reveals how you can build a bond of trust with staff through motivation, praise and recognition.

The most important aspect of an employer’s role is to ensure you do your best for your team and your business. It is important that you have clearly defined policies and procedures, and have strategies in place so your team know exactly what is expected from them and that they are able to perform their duties to the best of their ability. 

What is good leadership?

Good leadership is vital and you should have an encouraging and positive attitude towards every staff member. Always show signs of optimism and positivity and let your team know that you are there for them – to help them flourish and grow within your organisation. 

It’s important to be supportive and encourage individual development as well as good team spirit. At City Retreat I encourage all my employees to work together and support each other, and I ensure they know that I am always available to help them to develop both personally and professionally.

How can I increase job satisfaction?

Your priority as an employer should be to ensure that your team members are happy in their work role and to be on hand to help with any issues that arise, or any problems they are facing, that may be affecting their potential to fulfil their role. 

It is also important to allow the team to have fun in the workplace – obviously, at the right time and not if it affects your standard of service – and allow them to see the real you. Chat to them, laugh with them and always display a happy positive attitude.

You will reap the rewards of a happy team if you have their respect and they value your role as a committed employer.

City Retreat team

How can I ensure staff feel valued?

Make sure you value your employees. Reward good performance and incentivise your team to do well for you. A pat on the back or a “Thank you for today” will be well received and make your team feel appreciated. A small gift or gesture of appreciation will help to keep your team motivated and inspire them to do well.

Ensuring their happiness and wellbeing will ensure they are happy to keep working towards the common goal, share your values and excel in delivering your philosophy.

Images: top – Lesley Caster and team with their Professional Beauty Award; bottom – Caster with the City Retreat team
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