How to boost your spray tan sales without discounting

Q: My spray tan sales were lower than predicted in 2018. What should I do? 

If treatment sales seem to be a little lower than expected then it’s perhaps time to re-evaluate your strategy. Spray tanning can be a saturated market. It could be that local competitors are offering a cheaper treatment or weekly deals. 

However, my advice is don’t go too low in your tanning prices. Firstly, ensure you are offering a premium range with lots of colour options. Fake Bake Professional, for example, has six different solutions and products for all skin tones and occasions. 

Try to incentivise your tanning treatments instead of discounting. For example, offer tanning as part of a package along with other beauty treatments or perhaps introduce a loyalty system where customers can receive a complimentary tan after a certain number of visits. 

Also research the local bridal market. It is a huge sector that is growing rapidly when it comes to spray tans. Offer a bespoke natural glow and perhaps approach a bridal business to cross-promote your services. It’s about thinking outside the box to capture an ever-growing market. 

Don’t forget the expanding appetite for men’s tanning services. Men’s fitness shoots are an ideal opportunity to master a contouring technique. Take an appropriate course and find out about which parts of the body are going to benefit from fine layering.

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James HarknettJames Harknett is a celebrity tanner and global creative consultant for Fake Bake. Watch his video on the 5 tanning mistakes therapists commonly make in salon

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