How to explain the benefits of supplements in a skincare routine to clients

Published 25th Jun 2016 by PB Admin
How to explain the benefits of supplements in a skincare routine to clients

How can I explain the benefits of supplements in a skincare routine to clients?

In an industry that focuses so much attention on treating skin topically, it’s easy to forget that cells are made deep within the skin where creams never reach. Beginning a skincare regime by feeding the body with the necessary nutrients to make perfectly formed cells is the foundation to a flawless complexion.

The key skin vitamins fall into two categories – the nutrients that make the skin and those that protect it. The crucial skin cell makers are vitamins A and C, plus essential fatty acids, but the question is, do we get enough of these from our diet? When we eat, the body makes sure that vital organs like the brain, heart and liver get nutrients first. So, even if you’re eating a good diet you may not be eating enough to nourish all the essential organs as well as your skin.

The skin’s super moisturisers are salmon, mackerel and sardines as these contain essential fatty acids that help form the membrane that wraps around the cell to lock-in moisture. If there aren’t enough essential fatty acids to make a perfect membrane for your skin cell then the water inside the cell can leak out, leaving skin dry and flaky. Moisturising creams provide a band-aid approach to the problem but they can’t repair the cell membrane.

Once skin cells reach the epidermis they are exposed to pollution, harsh chemicals, smoke and UV rays, and cells that were formed when there were lots of antioxidants around arrive at the skin’s surface with their own protectors. Beauty supplements provide these key vitamins, essential fats and plant nutrients, ensuring the body can make perfect skin cells. Plus, topical treatments and skincare products work better on wellnourished skin, so beauty supplements can actually help to turbocharge your clients’ skin.

Lorraine Perretta is a nutritional consultant at the International Institute for Anti-Ageing (iiaa) and brand manager for the Advanced Nutrition Programme range of supplements.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 25th Jun 2016

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