How to give your clients the best eyelash aftercare advice

Following advice and investing in aftercare is key to making lashes look their best for as long a possible and it’s our job as lash artists to educate clients on how to care for their lashes.

I’ll often hear lash artists say that the client didn’t want to spend money on aftercare. However, if we educate clients prior to the treatment and make aftercare information part of the initial consultation, clients are more likely to understand why they need products to look after their lashes following treatment. 

The right aftercare products and advice not only help maintain the lash extensions for longer – protecting the investment the client has just made in them – they also keep natural lashes clean and healthy while the customer is wearing the extensions. I always explain to clients who choose not to purchase aftercare that lashes collect dust and debris, and once we add extensions to them, they collect even more of that. I use the analogy that we regularly wash and condition our hair and need to do the same with our lashes. 

It’s also important to explain to clients that many facial washes and makeup removers contain ingredients that affect the strength of the extensions’ bond. So it’s worth investing in specialist products that will allow them to clean their lashes without worrying about the extensions falling off prematurely. Each lash brand has its own aftercare products and it’s key for spas to not only retail these but to also share the advice that goes with them – to ensure clients are getting the best possible results from their lash treatment. 

 Lash artist and beauty therapist Andrea McQuade has been in the profession for seven years, starting her own business in Scotland two years ago. A trainer and brand ambassador for Novalash she specialises in applying Novalash’s Classic and American Volume extensions. Her job includes carrying out lash demonstrations at trade shows.