How to increase business success with salon loyalty programmes

Phorest’s Niamh Mantell explores the tricks that salons across the world are using to generate more revenue and increase client loyalty while still saving time and money – and how the Treatcard Loyalty System can help.

Top tips for using loyalty programmes

While there are endless ways to customise your loyalty programme, here are some of the top tips I’ve gathered from past salons I’ve worked with; salons that are at the top of their game and use loyalty programmes to drive client loyalty and boost revenue significantly:




Being strategic with how you structure your salon’s loyalty programme ensures that your business never loses out on money, utilising it instead to boost client loyalty and increase satisfaction without devaluing your services. 

What is Treatcard?

Treatcard is an industry-specific loyalty programme available to all Phorest salons. It’s integrated fully with the Phorest system, allowing you to reward clients with points redeemable on “treats” every time they spend money in the salon. 

Clients can view points available on their salon branded app, and staff can view points on their salon POS or PhorestGo app

It’s available as a virtual system or can be used with physical, barcoded keytags. The system has over four million end-users, making it the industry’s largest.

Unlike many other loyalty programmes, Treatcard is fully customisable, meaning you can:




Interested in learning more about how a loyalty programme could benefit your business? Get in touch on or reach out on Instagram. This is a sponsored story in association with Phorest.