How to make tanning a successful treatment in your spa

How can I make clients realise that spray tanning is not just a salon service but also a great spa treatment?

You have to hone your offering. The quality of the tan solution is of the utmost importance, as that will be your differentiator and help set you apart from other spas. You should choose a tan with additional skincare benefits so you can offer clients a superior skin treatment and not simply add colour. Ingredients are the most important aspect of the products used in other spa treatments and spray tanning should be no different. Choose a tan solution that is free from harmful, drying ingredients such as parabens, perfume and alcohol.

Also look for natural and organic skincare actives, including aloe vera, saccharide isomerate, white tea, coffee seeds and eco-certified, premium-grade versions of tanning agent DHA. These will give you a hydrating skin treatment with natural-looking colour as an added bonus. Advanced technologies that improve the spray tan result will also distinguish your offering from that of other spas and salons, making for a pleasant tanning experience even for the most discerning of clients. Vita Liberata’s odour remove technology for zero smell tan and the flash dry concept for a quick-to-dry tan are two examples.

One benefit of a salon spray tan is that it’s quick and convenient. However, clients choosing tanning as a spa treatment may prefer a longer and more luxurious experience. You can enhance and extend the treatment by offering manual exfoliation prior to tanning, massaging a gentle, oil-free body scrub onto dry skin before rinsing it off with warm water. This will make the treatment longer and adds a relaxing massage element.

Present spray tans to your clients as skin treatments with colour benefits and highlight the skincare aspects, including the moisturising, anti-ageing, repairing and calming aspects. Finally, choose a tanning brand with a high-quality retail offering that complements the spa treatment. Not only can this dramatically increase your revenue, it will also offer clients that all-round service they expect from a spa brand.

Alyson Hogg is founder and chief executive of tanning brand Vita Liberata, first established as a skincare line in 2003, before becoming tanning-focused from 2007 onwards. Vita Liberata aims to deliver a high-end tanning product that hydrates the skin, is quick to dry and produces a natural-looking tan.