New research reveals brows are more expressive than any other facial feature

Want to know someone’s true feelings? Well, just look at their brows.

New research has found that eyebrows are key to decoding emotions and the most expressive part of our faces.

Professor of Neuroscience Dr Javid Sadr conducted research into the role eyebrows play in face recognition, in partnership with cosmetics brand Benefit, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The team studied facial expressions by separating the face into three compartments – upper, middle and lower – while studying the six universally recognised emotions – happiness, sadness, anger, fear, disgust and surprise.

The upper compartment of the dace, which contains the brows, was found to play a key role in displaying each emotion.  

You can read the Dr Sadr’s “The role of eyebrows in face recognition” report here.

Benefit has launched a brow translator which allows people to see what their brows are really expressing. Find out more here.