How to maximise salon bookings

Published 27th Jul 2022 by PB Admin
How to maximise salon bookings

As a “contemporary massage brand designed to combat the negative effects of city living”, Shoreditch-based MASAJ bodywork studio is focused on the power of touch to help clients escape London’s daily grind. 

After sensing an opportunity in the market, founders Scarlett Crawley and Alice Vaughan set about making sure that every client can enjoy access to brilliant bodywork. And when it comes to the running of the business, Fresha has become a valued and trusted partner that is essential to its operational and commercial success. 

“Fresha is a beautifully simple software and super easy to use, both for our clients and team. We see the client experience as a journey that starts from the moment they book with us and continues to the moment they leave after their treatment. We want them to feel supported,” says Vaughan. 

Best-in-class customer support 

As someone who worked in technology before entering the world of wellness, Vaughan was especially attracted to Fresha’s intuitive technology and human approach. 

“Fresha supports independent businesses like ours,” she says. “We see Fresha as a long-term partner, crucial to our success. They’re really responsive, care about our business, and offer a level of personal support that we’ve never experienced with a technology product before.” 

Vaughan points to Fresha’s website and social media integrations as key to attracting clients, while making it easy for them to book in a number of ways. 

“Instagram is a huge platform for us, so having a really clear ‘book now’ button available on our Instagram profile has definitely helped us as a business,” she says. 

“When a client books, it automatically gives them the option to book a course, as well as reminding them about their appointment and thanking them for coming after their treatment. This is so valuable.” 

Maximise potential now, and in the future 

With memberships crucial to building client loyalty, delivering value to clients and maximising MASAJ’s future revenues, Fresha’s payment processing also plays a key role.

Describing it as “definitely the most innovative payment system we’ve worked with”, Vaughan appreciates its seamless payment processing and the way it invites clients to leave tips, which go directly to the massage therapist. 

Providing an end-to-end business solution for MASAJ, Fresha reports and analytics help Vaughn to “keep track of the numbers”. She also uses Fresha’s full range of features to build her business, manage appointments, motivate her team and build client relationships. 

As a result of her experience, Vaughan sees Fresha salon software as vital to MASAJ now, and in the future. 

She says, “Fresha allows us to focus on the stuff that’s really important to our growth as a business. I’d absolutely recommend Fresha to businesses small and large. We really value how they treat us as a partner rather than a client. We really feel that connection.” 

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 27th Jul 2022

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