How to pick the right machine for your clinic

Machine for clinic

Q: I’m looking to invest in a new machine. How do I pick the right one for my salon?

The most common mistake salon owners make when investing in a new machine is not doing their research, and in my experience cost isn’t necessarily an indicator of quality. However, a newly purchased machine should be backed up with great aftersales care and training.

So, you need to check your aftercare package. Ask how quickly the supplier will fix the machine if it breaks down and whether they will supply a loan machine. A broken machine means loss of revenue and disappointed clients, which ideally you want to avoid. It’s also worth checking if you can trial the machine for two months before purchase, especially if you’re not familiar with the manufacturer.

I’m always looking for the latest technology; so, whichever machine you’re looking in to, make sure to research how advanced it is. Also, find out if the manufacturer can upgrade your existing machine as technology develops and improves – for example, with a computer chip or the latest hand piece – so you don’t have to keep replacing it.

You also need to build lasting relationships with the sales reps, and when buying or leasing multi-level platform machines, really think about how they will be used in your business. If you’re looking at a machine that carries out two different treatments and your salon is really busy with both, then that one machine is not a practical investment. In that case, you would be better off with two standalone machines.

Esther Fieldgrass is founder of UK clinic mini-chain EF Medispa, which offers advanced complementary, aesthetic and surgical treatments.