4 ways to retail successfully as a home-based beauty business

Published 20th Mar 2020 by PB Admin
4 ways to retail successfully as a home-based beauty business

Retailing homecare products to clients is something I have always found difficult, but as a home-based hair and make-up artist, my goal is to increase each customer’s average bill to create more profit.

However, it can be tough because as a home-based beauty business you don’t have the big buying power of a salon or spa, or a huge retail area to showcase various lines. This is why you have to think outside the box to create initiatives that will get clients buying their homecare products from you time and time again. 

4 ways to boost retail sales as a home-based beauty therapist:

1. Find great brands to partner with

Contact the big beauty brands about stocking their products as some have particular offers for home-based and mobile make-up artists to retail their ranges. Some of the brands will require a minimum order, however, this may not be as big as you think and it is usually only for your initial order.

However, only stock brands you’re passionate about and not just the ones with the best offers, such as free travel sizes and gifts for clients when purchasing larger orders. Your clients trust you, so will follow your advice on what you recommend and you need to offer products that work in order to get repeat sales.

2. Implement a loyalty system

I’ve created a stamp system for clients that when they’ve purchased 10 products from me they can receive a free treatment or blow dry as a thank you. It helps to ensure clients always buy their homecare from me instead of doing a cheeky online order. 

3. Set up a mini pick ‘n’ mix station

Fill a small space in your home-based salon with a few cheaper, spur of the moment purchases, such as lipsticks and lip gloss, which clients can pick up when they’re paying their final bill. It’s a really easy way to boost your average bill without even really trying.

4. Invest in eco-friendly ranges

With the raised awareness around climate change, clients are on the lookout for eco-friendly products, so why not be the place where they can purchase these easily. Offer a refill system where they can have a discount on their next purchase when returning their empty bottles. 

Sophia Charalambous is a make-up artist and hairstylist who runs Blonde Pineapple, aboutique home salon in North London.

This is the key to improving the retail to treatment revenue ration in your salon

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 20th Mar 2020

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