How to get into aesthetic treatments

Published 19th Jul 2019 by PB Admin
How to get into aesthetic treatments

Do you feel secure with your treatment menu offering? Is your salon and team reaching their full potential for the sake of the business and clients? It can be hard stepping out of your comfort zone but change can actually bring exciting outcomes. It’s just about knowing where to start. 

As a therapist you have the long-established parameters of expectation and the treatments you offer provide clients with the desired spa-like experience – lengthy appointment time, bespoke massage, relaxing environment – but is this this type of treatment enough for today’s fast-paced, educated and savvy consumer? 

Time to merge beauty and aesthetic treatments

The interest and demand for procedures that have profound results is growing fast, and to adapt to this changing landscape you really need to invest in training to upgrade your skillset.

But to fill the gap that bridges beauty and aesthetics you need to step out of your comfort zone into the wider field of advanced anti-ageing treatments, and in today’s saturated market you need to do this in order to compete. 

As a therapist, you’ve worked hard to build relationships with your clients, so why watch them book an appointment elsewhere for a treatment that you could offer yourself, while adhering to your professional framework and feeling worthy of offering safe and effective protocols that deliver incredible results.

The expansion into medi-beauty has never before been so rewarding. As a therapist you have the opportunity to offer the best of both worlds by supercharging your treatment menu. 

The great thing is the lines are no longer specific to each profession, they blur, merging the traditional delivery of a therapist experience with all that comes with such a results-driven protocol. The twinning of the two is a joy both for you and your client. 

How do I supercharge my salon treatment menu?

Look at the procedures you can wrap around your current treatments, such as superficial chemical peels, microneedling, nappage mesotherapy – using pharmaceutical strength ingredients to feed the skin using whichever delivery mode will instantly boost the worth of the efficacy. 

The scope of the skin rejuvenation treatment offering has a wider reach for you to extend your ability to deliver. Challenge yourself and challenge your business to offer more. Why stay comfortable when you can push yourself to be an advanced beauty therapist? 

Morag Hague is founder of Glow Aesthetics Training in London and a Professional Beauty Awards judge.  

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 19th Jul 2019

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