How to use ultrasound to improve skin treatment results

Published 03rd Aug 2020 by PB Admin
How to use ultrasound to improve skin treatment results

With professional facial treatments now allowed in many parts of the UK, and hopefully set to get underway in England from August 15, our clients are wanting to get booked in to help remedy months’ worth of lockdown skin woes. 

While most have been using the homecare you've recommended to keep their skin issues at bay, now is the time to really target their concerns and get them back on track to achieve an optimum complexion within the professional facial treatment.

Introducing the Ultrasonic Micro-therapy Device from Eve Taylor London. This hand-held device has been developed for use by therapists within a professional facial treatment to achieve results above and beyond manual application.

It supercharges professional-use Eve Taylor formulations using supreme ultrasonic technology, boosting treatment room results and client satisfaction.The device offers multiple functions, allowing a versatile selection of treatments to be performed across a wide selection of skin types and conditions. 

Exfoliate setting 

The device uses ultrasonic technology to emit vibrations and longitudinal soundwaves from the edge of the stainless-steel blade. When the blade is passed over moistened/wet skin, the concentrated ultrasonic vibration penetrates the epidermis, oscillating corneocyte cells in the stratum corneum layer and dislodging them for easy removal to reveal smooth, soft resurfaced skin. This setting is suitable for most skin types and conditions and a great option for those who are unable to tolerate active exfoliation formulations.

Clarify setting

For those with oily, congested skin, the device offers a high-performance decongesting function to deeply cleanse the follicles of excess oil and softens the skin in preparation for comedone extractions. The soundwaves emitted by the flat edge of the blade passing over the skin vibrate and oscillate the skin tissues underneath, loosening solidified impaction plugs in the follicles and assisting with the release of sebum by aiding with saponification.

Ionise setting

The device offers a highly effective method of ionising and infusing professional-use products into the skin using supreme ultrasound technology. Ultrasound uses soundwaves to create physiological effects within the skin tissues. Similar to ripples on water, the waves created increase the penetration of topically applied ingredients into the epidermal layers, pushing them deeper than manual application and achieving intensive results for the skin. 

Collectively, the versatile functions of this device widen your treatment selection and can be incorporated into existing facial treatments or used with the new Target+ Ultrasonic 30-minute facials from Eve Taylor London. 

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 03rd Aug 2020

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