How to win nail competitions

Tips on C curves and the perfect pink and white were on offer when competition director, trainer and salon owner Denise Wright held a competition workshop for the PB North show College Cup winner. In the February edition of Professional Beauty magazine, she gives us the lowdown and we find out what the students and lecturers learnt.

One student comments, “I learned a lot of tips, like changing the tissue after filing to prevent nail fragments contaminating the liquid and changing the liquid once it becomes cloudy as it can damage the bead.” Meanwhile, Wright describes some of the other topics she covers, "There are so many tools to help you achieve deeper C curves or straighter side walls that when techs first start to compete they feel as if they’ve failed if they’re not using all off them. However, some can lose you marks if you let them over-pinch the nail or allow a clamp to damage the product application. This is where the practice comes in, so you can get into a routine of when to pinch and when to wait rather than being impatient."

Also in this issue, last year's Professional Beauty Awards Therapist of the Year Carla Lewis tells us about the plans to grow her new business and why she will never give up treatments. Since her win in February 2015, Lewis has gone on to launch her own semi-permanent make-up business and has big plans for the future.

As manager of Harpenden, Hertforshire, salon Breathing Space her operational responsibilities have also continued to grow, but she is adamant her heart remains in therapy and has no plans to give up her clients. “I’m now looking to open my second SP Clinic.” She is looking at other salons in Hertfordshire and North London to find a suitable one to work from for her second site. “I want to make a name for myself across this region then eventually try to get into the City,” she says.

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