In the Kit… with Jenni Draper

Published 21st Feb 2023 by PB Admin
In the Kit… with Jenni Draper

Award-winning therapist and session nail artist Jenni Draper has worked in the beauty industry for 20 years, and, with celebrity clients including Karlie Kloss, Florence Pugh and Daisy Edgar-Jones, she knows the ingredients needed for a perfect treatment.

Lucky for us, she’s sharing the details on her five favourite products she’s picked up during her lucrative career.


Labology 3 Super AntiBac Sanitiser Spray 

Hygiene is key when it comes to treatments, and Draper turns to Labology 3’s Super AntiBac Sanitiser Spray to keep everything clean during her treatments. 

The high performance alcohol-free and fragrance-free hand sanitiser with multipurpose function can be used on skin, surfaces, fabrics and accessories like hairbrushes, nail tools and beauty brushes.

“It doesn’t dry out my hands or smell awful, it’s great for sensitive skin and it’s ethically produced, and it works!” shares Draper.

“I clean my tools, brushes and hands with it. Plus, the owner, Kay, is from the beauty industry and a beautiful person!”


Dermalogica Precleanse

Dermalogica’s Precleanse is a great start to any double cleanse, melting away make-up and impurities whilst hydrating the skin.

“I use this on every single facial client to remove make-up and grime before doing a skin assessment,” says Draper.

“It smells divine and removes every trace of dirt. This has been a kit favourite for years!”


PersoNAILity Beauty Balm

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A product from Draper’s own brand, PersoNAILity’s Beauty Balm is a super-versatile rich balm with shea and mango butter, vitamin E and rosehip, oat and argan oils to nourish damaged skin. 

“It’s a multi-use balm that I use and retail to clients after microblading,” explains Draper, adding that, “It was originally formulated for this purpose but now I use it for all brow treatments as aftercare and as a barrier for lash tints (instead of Vaseline), for lips and for any dry patches.

“Clients love it because it’s vegan, gentle enough for children and smells delicious.”


Bertioli Water Meadow Breathing Balm 

A recent addition to Draper’s product roster, the Water Meadow Breathing Balm has quickly become a product she “won’t be without!”

Packed with essential oils, including camomile, rosemary and eucalyptus, Draper says the blend of oils is “both calming and invigorating”.

The Breathing Balm was created to help promote deep breathing, switch off the body’s stress response and encourage wellbeing effects on both body and mind.

“I use this to instil calm and focus on myself and on my clients,” shares Draper.

“It can be used whenever its needed – for nerves, for an anxious client, or just when you feel the need to take a moment and a deep breath.”


Daylight Company Foldi Go

The rechargeable lamp is ideal for treatments because it’s fully height-adjustable and easy to take with you from client to client.

“I never know where I might be and what the light situation might be, so this is a must!” shares Draper.

“It’s small, compact and rechargeable so I don’t need to worry about plugging it in. I use it for brows, lashes, nails, facials – everything!”


To learn more about Draper and her career as a session nail tech, register for PB London where she’ll be taking to the Trends and Techniques Stage on March 6, sharing “What it takes to become a session nail tech”.


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PB Admin

Published 21st Feb 2023

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