In the Know: Grahame Gardner

What do I need to think about when updating my spa uniforms?
Uniforms are a key component when it comes to conveying the professionalism of your staff. If your uniforms look like they’ve seen better days, chances are they’re not doing their job effectively. A dirty, washed out, ill-fitting or outdated uniform will not inspire confidence or trust in your clients.

Consider whether your uniforms still look up to date. Selecting a classic style of tunic can be a good move to make your uniforms last, as the garment will still look the part in a few years time. If your spa or salon has recently had a change of decor, introducing new colours or branding, it could make sense to invest in new uniforms at this point. Your selection should depend on a number of factors.

It’s important to select the right supplier for your spa and to look at the company’s credentials; how long have they been around, who do they work with, how big is their range, what opportunities are there to create a bespoke uniform, and what level of service will they be able to offer? Fabrics are very important; how easy are they to care for, and how well will they keep their colour and shape?

Ideally they should be able to withstand frequent washing and require little or no ironing. Branding and identity are important across the spa or salon, from the logo to the colour scheme, and it makes sense for the uniforms to reflect this identity – creating a cohesive look. Select uniforms that reflect the spa or salon colours, maybe with different options for different roles within your team. There is also the option of adding embroidered logos, monograms, badges or names to the garments.

James Greenlees is managing director of family-owned uniforms company Grahame Gardner. He is the fourth generation of Greenlees to lead the business and recently added Canadian workwear brand Noel Asmar, whose range include spa uniforms, to the Grahame Gardner brand portfolio