In the know: Katherine Daniels

Published 06th Dec 2017 by PB Admin
In the know: Katherine Daniels

How can I make sure my spa menu has the right balance of treatments?

The most important element to think about is your target audience as this will give you an understanding of the type of treatments you should be offering; making sure there is something for everyone. Start by looking at your client demographic and ask yourself what area your clients primarily come from; what their average age is; why they’re visiting the spa; and who they’re visiting with.

This information will give you a good understanding of what your clients want from a treatment menu. Take average age, for example. Someone in their 20s typically won’t be looking for an 80-minute treatment that targets wrinkles. They are much more likely to be interested in treatments that focus on concerns such as sensitivity or dehydration, or in body treatments.

An older client base might, on the other hand, be looking for longer treatments that address age-related skincare issues. Also consider why they’re visiting your spa and who with.

Are they coming with a group of friends on a spa day, for example? If so, a lengthy treatment is not going to appeal: the reason groups book a spa trip is usually to spend time with each other in a relaxing environment, so they don’t want to be separated for long periods of time.

Another key factor is for the brands you work with to not only deliver the same fivestar luxury protocols whether it’s a long or short treatment, but to also deliver results. A 40-minute treatment that produces instantly visible results will impress clients, and may encourage them to try a lengthier treatment next time, and to buy homecare products.

Kirsti Shubais co-founder of British skincare brand Katherine Daniels Cosmetics and has nearly 30 years’ industry experience. Shuba’s career before she created the professional skincare brand, whose philosophy entails looking at clients’ lifestyle and the impact of the environment, included working as a beauty therapist.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 06th Dec 2017

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