More than half of beauty industry workers are self-employed

Published 06th Dec 2017 by PB Admin
More than half of beauty industry workers are self-employed

While the number of businesses in the hair and beauty sector increased by 2% in 2017, more than half of industry employees are now self-employed.

Figures from the National Hairdressing Federation’s (NHF) end of year report found that of the around 287,000 people working in the hair and beauty industries, 54% of beauty employees are classified as working for themselves.

The statistics echo the notion that an increase in therapists going mobile is partly to blame for the industry’s recruitment crisis.

However, the NHF said the percentage of self-employed therapists had actually fallen back a little since 2016, from 57% to 54% in 2017.

The report also found that 93% of all beauty and hairdressing businesses employ less than 10 people, and two thirds have an annual turnover of less than £99,000.

Though it shows positive growth for the industry, the increase in the number of businesses in the sector has meant clients and therapists alike have been harder to attract and keep, said the report.

Chief executive of the NHF Hilary Hall said, "The government is due to respond before the end of the year on the Review of Modern Working Practices which looked into self-employment and the 'gig' economy.  We expect to see clearer definitions of what exactly self-employment means and measures to ensure that workers are not exploited by employers who are simply looking to cut costs and who can therefore undercut competitors who work on a more traditional employment models."


PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 06th Dec 2017

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