In the Know: Thermarium

What are the keys to developing a successful spa concept?

You always need to be aware of the importance of creating a true point of difference. At Thermarium, our approach at the beginning of the working process is to look at the requirements, needs and specialities of the client.

We then work out the parameters for a unique concept with the client, based on their USPs. You should also carry out a detailed environmental and competitor analysis and define a clear positioning for your spa, to make sure you’re not just one of many. Having these aspects in mind is crucial to pinpointing your target groups and their characteristics. Today, guests want to be addressed and touched individually, with a customised offer.

The viability of one-size-fits-all spas is definitely gone. The secret is always to concentrate on your target groups and their needs. Offering them an outstanding spa concept based on authenticity, combined with creative sensitivity to trends and lifestyle developments, will help ensure long-term success. The challenge is not only to satisfy guests, but also to surprise them. It’s the human aspect, the soft skills and the right personality that provides the real competitive factor in the industry and that makes for a great spa.

The ultimate goal is to create a spa environment that not only keeps guests at the facility for a longer period of time, but also drives them to come back for a second and third time, and eventually become regular clients. The key touch points should appeal to the eyes, the heart and the mind. When it comes to the design of the spa, it should be about an integrated design process. That means you need to control the whole process from beginning to end, with all the players – including engineers, investors, architects and interior designers – working together to create perfection.

Adrian Egger is managing director of Austria-based Thermarium, which provides spa design, consulting and manufacturing services. With nearly 20 years’ industry experience, his past roles include general manager of the spa division at Klafs and director of international project development at Schletterer. Egger is also Global Wellness Day ambassador for Austria.