Integrating LED into your treatment menu

Q: Is it worth integrating LED light therapy into my treatment menu?

LED phototherapy has long been recognised for its regenerating and anti-inflammatory benefits and is now one of the fastest growing skin treatments due to the versatility and unrivalled profitability that today’s systems provide. 

Phototherapy is the application of specific low-level light wavelengths, which energise cellular processes to fuel repair. Cells that are energised function better and renew faster to promote youthful, healthy and radiant skin. It offers a gentle alternative to more invasive procedures that use heat or chemicals to trigger a wound-healing response. 

With light therapy, the low-level energy doesn’t induce trauma, making it safe and suitable for all skin types. It’s particularly effective to target problematic and sensitive skin conditions such as acne and rosacea and extends new treatment opportunities in these areas. 

The best thing is that it can be integrated in a multitude of ways to upgrade regular treatments, supercharging cells for enhanced results. From express LED facials and bespoke combination protocols to post-treatment calming and ongoing skin health programmes, it can be tailored to clients’ needs to give the best complexion boost. 

Ultimately though, you need to be confident in delivering results for your clients. With so many LED applications available, making the right investment decision can be daunting. Not all LED devices are created equal and that’s what I will be talking about in more detail at Professional Beauty North in October. 

Louise TaylorLouise Taylor is director and co-founder of Aesthetic Technology, the manufacturer of Dermalux LED Phototherapy systems.

Image: Dermalux LED treatment