International Women's Day: Why you love being a woman in the beauty industry

Published 08th Mar 2023 by PB Admin
International Women's Day: Why you love being a woman in the beauty industry

During this week's PB London show, we asked some of the inspiring women in our industry why they love working as a woman in beauty. Here's what they had to say:

Hayley Snishko, massage therapist and owner of Home Sanctuary, says, “Every female I come across, they're so supportive and they genuinely want you to do well. And especially for someone like myself, I work on my own, so to be able to bounce off other incredible women in the industry is just amazing.  

Nathalie Eleni, celebrity skincare and make-up artist adds, “I love helping other women - educating them with skincare, with make-up, letting them know that they can change whatever it is that they feel concerned about.”  

Kelly Shaw, owner of K:Spa comments, “I love being a women within the beauty industry because I think we just all support each other so well. I love the fact that you can see each other grow, that there's enough room for everybody.”  

Gillian Huntley, owner of Appearances Aesthetics adds, “There's such a big support group, so we can share, help each other with ideas and support each other when we have problems”

Beauty student Sylvia, who is in her third year of training, shares, “It's inspiring. It's beautiful. I think women from every country, every background, every color, every nationality, we should come together in the beauty industry.”

Lash artist and trainer Zoe Nichols says, “The majority of my client base is female, and getting to apply little lash fibres is like applying pure confidence onto people's lashes daily. When they open their eyes and look at what I've done for them I just see their faces light up and they step off the beauty beds walking taller and feeling just more empowered.”

Karen Thompson, who owns four salons in the Beauty Secrets group, adds, “For me in particular, it's my team. I really enjoy seeing people develop within their own careers; and working in an industry where we really help others is fantastic.”

Emma-Jane North, spa director at Y Spa at Wyboston Lakes, says, “What's not to love about being a woman in the beauty industry? Everything that I enjoy – empowerment, enrichment, resilience – you see it every day!”

Why do you love being a woman in the beauty industry? Let us know in the comments.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 08th Mar 2023

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