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Make-up sponges are the pro choice for seamless, streak-free make-up application, and although it’s advised that you wash them after every use, most of us don’t. But there are two very good reasons why you should be cleaning your make-up sponges:  

1. The environment — with sponge manufacturers recommending you replace your sponge every 2–6 months, an estimated 300 million makeup sponges end up in landfill every single year – that’s enough to stretch from the North to the South pole. 

Most of them are made from plastics that are not biodegradable and so will sit there for centuries. Cleaning your sponges so they’re safe to reuse, rather than chucking them out, means you’re not adding to the problem.

2. The health of your clients’ skin – due to their design and regular dampness, make-up sponges are the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. 

A study by Aston University in Birmingham found that 93% of sponges tested had some form of organism, and 25% had human waste – yes, poo! 

The average amount of bacteria on these sponges was 1,000 times higher than the EU safety limit for cosmetics. Using a dirty make-up sponge puts your clients at risk of acne breakouts, skin and eye infections, and many more serious issues. 

In 2016, Tom Pellereau of STYLIDEAS revolutionised the way make-up brushes are cleaned, with the STYLPRO Original Makeup Brush Cleaner, which washed and dried makeup brushes in less than a minute. Now, with the STYLPRO Squeeze, he’s set to do the same for make-up sponges. 

Even if you do wash your sponges, there’s no guarantee that you’re actually getting them clean. 

STYLIDEAS carried out its own research and collected 1,000 used make-up sponges from customers. 74% of the sponges tested had more bacteria than you’d find on a toilet seat. 

A third of the sponges tested had even been washed by hand in the last month, but out of these, three quarters were still worse than a toilet seat – it really shows how hard it is to properly wash the bacteria out of make-up sponges. 

Even if you get the make-up out by hand, there’s no guarantee that you’ve killed the bacteria.

The new STYLPRO Squeeze Make-up Sponge Cleaner deep cleans your sponge in one minute, squeezing and spinning out the dirt and bacteria and leaving your sponge ready to use instantly. 

This is a sponsored post in association with STYLPRO

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