Is it time to change how you spa?

Lush Karma spa treatment Hannah Lammiman, Lush Spa research and developer, on why clients are seeking a different kind of treatment experience and how you can provide an alternative to traditional spa-ing.  

It’s 8am on a Monday morning and a Lush therapist is setting the scene for a client’s treatment with dry ice, a vintage cup of tea up and message in a spell book, while music is played to enhance the journey.

To those that haven’t yet indulged in a Lush Spa experience, it may seem a little out there or avant-garde for their lifestyle but it is, in fact, a very grown up way to spa. Our USP is that we’re like no other spa and it’s because we work with interesting people.

Our in-house strategic behavioural therapist, Lady Helen Kennedy, designs treatments that are as effective on the mind as they are on the body, balancing three key things – challenge, support and time to reflect.

In each of our treatments, clients have space to reflect and the environment is the key player on this journey. The fine detail in our rituals helps tease clients into a different state of mind and treats not just their skin but how they feel as well. It’s about the mind-body connection.

Slowing down the pace

But it’s not just our treatments that we do differently. “Slow down to speed up” is something we promote at our spas – even our therapists have a lie down during the day to help elongate the spine, relax the muscles and slow the mind, promoting focus and clarity in-between clients.

Our therapists also take part in posture classes using the Alexandra technique which gives them the knowledge of using their bodies to maximise pressure and comfort for the client, at the same time as restoring and utilising their energy levels.

I’ve been a therapist for 25 years and I’ve found Alexander classes enable me to perform massage treatments without any discomfort or injury, while also keeping me calm and focused. Looking after yourself in a demanding spa environment is imperative and should be part of your therapists’ daily routine. 

The key to offering a different spa experience

With clients going through stress-filled days packed with school runs, emails, workloads, DIY and social events, it’s no wonder they’re looking for escapism, and now spa seekers worldwide are starting to look for the ultimate in spa altering experiences. 

There’s also a new wave in the ultra-green, clean and vegan beauty consumer. This type of client is educated in the importance of fresh ingredients and ethical values, and is looking for that good life. It’s not a fad for people to indulge in and is fast becoming a whole new shift in the eco client’s world – it’s something every spa should be aware of.

You see, once you dive into this new way of spa going, I’m afraid you might never look back. Every little detail has been thought of for guests and this includes having highly intuitive therapists performing treatments. Intelligence has been put into each experience and the therapist has under taken training to such a fine tuning.

Creating magical memories is what we do at Lush to help change clients’ way of thinking. Is it time you thought about how you spa?

Hannah lammiman

Hannah Lammiman is research and developer for the Lush Spas