Is it worth introducing a family area in your spa?

Spa consultant Lisa Barden explains how incorporating childcare into your spa can contribute to parents' overall wellbeing while increasing their spend

Isn't family togetherness the secret to wellness? It’s a question we asked ourselves a great deal over the two years we were developing the Cloud Twelve Club in Notting Hill, London.

Creating a child-friendly space is a way to offer a haven between work and home life, where guests can trust the food options on the your menu for the whole family and book in for that much-needed spa treatment while being safe in the knowledge that their family is in the same building. 

If you allow space for families to be together and interact with each other then you’re not only offering the convenience of a one-stop spa shop, you’re creating a retreat where the entire family can share in the benefits of a regular spa visit to help reduce stress and enhance family wellness. 

At Cloud Twelve, for example, we offer baby massage, a programme for young children to learn mindfulness through kind and interactive games, plus a variety of other holistic health services.

Consider how your guests that are parents can access support for their children relating to areas that fit in with your offer. In our case it's natural medicine, nutrition and infant development, including sleep behaviour and development consultancy. 

Helping family members to invest in themselves and each other is a service you cannot put a price on. 

Lisa Barden is vice chair of the UK Spa Association, founder of consultancy Barden Spa and spa and wellness consultant at Cloud Twelve Club in London.

Interested in how to provide children's wellness? Anna Bjurstam, vice president of Six Senses Spas wrote a piece for us on how to do it.