Is there a national shortage of good therapists?

Recruitment is something that every salon owner worries about. Your staff are the face of your business and as such are one of the many reasons for your success. The old saying, “team work makes the dream work”, rings true but your team also needs guidance and to feel part of something bigger.

Growing a team can be frustrating – sifting through CVs of candidates that aren’t relevant, interviews with future prospects that don’t show up or, worse than that, offering an amazing candidate the role and after they accept and you open a column, promote your latest hire and order their uniform, find out they didn’t show up for their first day – without even an explanation.

All of these things have happened to me, and more than once, and I’m sure they’ve happened to you too, but I implore you not to give up. It’s not you. It’s not them either. It is merely the fact that there are so many salons on the high street today and the ideal therapist has so much choice.

The big questions to ask yourself are: what have you got to offer that the salon five minutes away doesn’t have? Why should a therapist choose you over another salon?

Recruitment is always a challenge but before you start hunting for that special person who you want to join your amazing space, write down what you’re looking for:

Keep that information close and do not sway away from your wants so that when you have your ideal candidate in front of you, you know exactly what you’re looking for.

It may seem a daunting process if it’s your first hire but it can be a fun process too – it will all work out. You’re in charge so make it how you need it to be but, most of all, have fun, your next hire is waiting to meet you. 

Peter Borg is director of Queen B Luxury Nail & Beauty Lounge in Croydon, Greater London, and a PB Influencer, providing feedback via focus groups.