Is your salon equipment working for you?

It’s a very important question every therapist should ask themselves – is my equipment working for me? As therapists, we often take whatever’s in the spa or salon for granted but our body is our most precious tool and should be supported.

Ask yourself the equipment question at the beginning of each day before you start your shift. Go to the treatment room you’ve been assigned and check that everything you have is correct and will support you.

Starting with the massage table, check to see if it's the right height. Naturally you will adjust it according to how your client is built, but it’s also important to position it correctly for you because it may still be set for another therapist who was in the room the day before.

Another important thing is the adjustability of the bed. If it isn’t moveable then you need to ask for one that is. A massage will use your entire body weight and if you’re working with a non-adjustable table, you won’t be able to use the energy that comes from your lower legs.

Don’t be shy about asking this kind of question either, health and safety in the workplace is a serious matter. You work with your body daily, so you need the correct tools and equipment to support it.

Also, if the table is too high you will only use your shoulders during treatment, causing your body to bend in an unhealthy way, hurting your lower back. The bed should provide you with easy access to the client’s body – if it’s too big or wide it will be very difficult for you to access the specific areas that need extra work and attention.

When performing a facial, the height of the stool is crucial because it determines the position of your arms. If the table is too high it will change your posture and affect your back and shoulders.

Plus, thinking more generally about the room, ensure you have easy access to the equipment you need for the treatment, especially when lots of different pieces are involved. 

So, while the responsibility for purchasing equipment does rest with your employer, you also have a role and responsibility to ensure it works for you. If it doesn’t, don’t be shy about making recommendations and suggestions.

Beata AleksandrowiczBeata Aleksandrowicz is co-founder of the Pure Massage Spa Training Method.

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