How anxiety and stress affects therapists

Burn-out of therapists is a real problem for our industry and usually means that their passion for the job is gone. When therapists lose their passion, it’s very difficult for them to treat clients well and provide the much-needed wow factor.

We often don’t realise how much burn-out can negatively affect the quality of the treatment delivery. It goes much deeper than merely dealing with a therapist who looks unhappy on the spa or salon floor.

You need to look behind the eyes of your team and help to recreate the passion for the profession – by connecting staff with their deeper reasons for choosing massage and therapy in the first place.

In my talk at Professional Beauty London on Sunday, February 25, I will be providing tips on how to advise your team, and yourself, about health and wellness – about what to eat, how to maximise sleep, the importance of meditation and stretching before and after a treatment, and generally, how to manage stress, as these all affect your day-to-day work.

For example, it’s important when a therapist is facing several massages to perform that they stretch their body at the start of the day. Their muscles and joints needs to be aligned and warmed up, like an athlete or dancer would do before their performance.

There is also need for mental preparation: even five minutes of meditation in the treatment room before starting their shift will make a huge difference.

We must take burn-out and mental wellness more seriously, not simply brush it aside. Facing the issue head on will be great for your business because you are caring for the people who care.

Book your ticket to Beata’s talk “Burnout and Mental Wellness: How Anxiety and Stress affects Therapists and how to manage them in the Workplace” at Professional Beauty London on the Nutrition & Wellness Stage on Sunday, February 25, at 4pm. Register for your ticket here.

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