How to keep your clients safe with hypoallergenic wax formulas

Published 08th Sep 2023 by PB Admin

As with all professional beauty products, each brand’s formulations and technologies can yield different results, with a “one size fits all approach” never the best option, until now. 

Client’s individual skin types and allergies mean some products can cause irritation, and even allergic reaction.

Ingredients such as colophonium, colours and fragrances, while widely used in depilatory waxes, can in fact be responsible for irritation and reactions experienced by your clients.

With increased education and exposure surrounding animal cruelty and the impact of animal products on our environment, the beauty industry is seeing an increased demand for vegan–friendly and cruelty–free products. 

In an ever evolving industry with an incredibly diverse range of clientele, finding a wax that not just effective in removing hair, but safe and suitable for your clients, can seem like an overwhelming task.

Thankfully, Caronlab Australia’s new revolutionary colour and fragrance free, Pro HD, is a pure, powerful formula that removes hair with ease and can be applied in small or large sections, making this vegan friendly depilatory wax a heavy-duty all-rounder. 

Made from only the purest of ingredients, no allergens means no reactions for your clients.

Why Film Wax Beads?

The Film Wax formula of Pro HD Wax Beads allows for fast heating and a low working temperature, delivering a crisp, clean removal with no stringiness. The beads are designed with extreme flexibility and pliability that allows for total body waxing. 

Therapists can use Pro HD Film Wax on large areas without fear of it becoming brittle or breaking.  Applied like a hard wax, but with the power and grip of a strip wax, Pro HD is revolutionising the waxing industry. 

Microwave to Pot Technology

Thanks to Caronlab Australia’s Microwave to Pot Technology, Pro HD Strip Wax can be heated in the microwave, ready for use on clients in a matter of minutes. For large areas, the Strip Wax Roller Cartridge allows therapists to roll on wax quickly, with no time wasted, no mess and no fuss. 

Boasting a silky-smooth glide with no drag, Pro HD provides speedy waxing, without sacrificing on quality or care.   

How to try Caronlab Australia in the UK

With nearly 50 years’ experience and expertise in the beauty industry, Caronlab Australia are renowned worldwide for their commitment to helping salons deliver professional waxing services, backed by industry leading education and revolutionary products. 

With distributors around the globe including America, Canada and Korea, Waxxxpress UK are the exclusive distributors of Caronlab Australia waxes in the UK. 

How you can try Pro HD wax for free

Waxxxpress have partnered with Caronlab Australia to provide therapists with this new range of industry leading waxes. Combining quality, ingenuity, and convenience with decades of experience, Waxxxpress are forging a path into the future of waxing. 

Waxxxpress is offering free samples of the Pro HD Wax range, which you can try by visiting, making an account and choosing from the selection of

  • PRO HD Film Wax Beads 800gm
  • PRO HD Strip Wax Microwave to Pot™ 800ml 
  • PRO HD Strip Wax Roller Cartridge 100ml 

Add to cart and use code prohd-n at checkout to receive your product and shipping entirely free, with no minimum order required. 


Sponsored story in association with Caronlab Australia.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 08th Sep 2023


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