Kerstin Florian chief creative officer Charlene Florian passes away

The spa and beauty industries have been paying tribute to Charlene Florian after she passed away earlier this week following a battle with cancer.

Charlene, the daughter of Kerstin Florian, the founder of the skincare brand of the same, was the company’s chief creative officer and had played a key role in growing and promoting the brand.

In an official statement from the company, Kerstin Florian International said:

“Charlene was a shining light within the industry, leading the path for a healthy, more natural lifestyle and touching everyone she encountered with positivity, kindness and joy.”

Charlene’s death comes just a month after Kerstin Florian’s husband Wayne passed away. The statement from the company also praised Charlene as “inspirational and vibrant”, stating:

“She truly loved her industry and the close-knit, extended Kerstin Florian family she was fortunate enough to work with for over two decades.

Charlene’s role within the company included researching and developing new products and treatments, and acting as a spokesperson for the company. Janette Gladstone-Watts, founder of Dubai-based The Product House, which distributes Kerstin Florian products in the UAE, said:

“Charlene touched the minds and hearts of everyone she met and her passion and contribution to health and wellness and to the products she loved, was incredible.

“Seeing her insight, knowledge and dedication while building the Kerstin Florian portfolio was remarkable. Her understanding of technology and the depth of her research was incredible, as was her warmth and kindness.”

 In its statement, Kerstin Florian International said of Charlene, who had two daughters: “We will forever miss her – her light and legacy lives on in her children and the beautiful products she created.”