#PBLive: the nail art trends set to be big in 2020

Published 20th Sep 2019 by PB Admin
#PBLive: the nail art trends set to be big in 2020

Exaggerated frills and ruffles, bold colour clashes and super sheer pastels are just some of the trends set to take the nail world by storm next year, while chrome and glass nails will fall out of favour. 

Award-winning nail tech, YouTuber and Professional Beauty North speaker, Kirsty Meakin, tells why these designs are going to be big and how to translate them into wearable looks for salon clients.

What are going to be the big nail trends for 2020?

“In spring 2020 it’s going to be about ruffles, frills and fringing – so all the Fs. Anybody who knows me knows I love a good fringe so I’m excited. For techs, it’s going to be about working those shapes and movements into wearable nail designs. In terms of colours, super sheer pastels are going to be big and pleat designs are still going to be bang on trend. 

“However, one of the colour combinations which is going to be huge is hot pink and khaki. Who would have thought that mix would work but it looks phenomenal. I’ve seen lots of looks from London Fashion Week (LFW) with this colour combination and it looks really cool. I like a good colour clash, like red and bright pink.”

How can nail techs translate the edgy nails from London Fashion Week into wearable looks for clients?

“If you look at the frills on the LFW SS20 catwalks they’re very exaggerated and large. So, what you’ve got to do is look at the image of that look – very closely at the shades, movements and highlights on the garments – and then start from there. 

“For example, when I look at ruffles I think the way it hangs emulates a marble effect because of the wavy-style movements and highlights. So, you need to take those shades and effects and work them into a full set. However, I do find it easier to look at a flat image of the catwalk rather than a video when looking for inspiration.”

Which nail art trends do you think will fall out of favour next year?

“I feel like the holographic chrome nails are dying a death and glass nails will start to filter out towards the end of 2020. I go on Instagram and when I scroll through the nail looks I’m like, ‘same, same, same, same’, these designs have been overdone.

"To standout in this industry, it’s about choosing something that’s a little bit different. You need to see where the fashion is moving forward and go from there. However, I do think French ombré will stick around because it’s still really popular.”

Where do you get your inspiration for nail designs from?

“The things that inspire me are fabrics, cultures and the world around me. Also, objects that people wouldn’t automatically think of getting inspiration from, like an item at an art exhibition. I think about how I can take that texture or design and work it on a mini scale because the nails we do these days are like tiny masterpieces. 

“Also, look around your home because you could get inspired by a pattern on your door or the crystal ware in your lights. This is how you start to come up with your own designs. My best nail art looks come to me in bed just before I’m about to fall asleep. In that moment when I’m just starting to drift off is when I come up with my best crazy ideas.” 

Why do you think Professional Beauty North is a must attend show for nail professionals?

“Because I’m talking at the show about 2020 nail trends, haha. Seriously though, PB North is my favourite show and I’m not just saying that. The location is situated in a hub of culture and fashion. Plus, it’s the perfect size – not too big and not to small – so it’s not overwhelming to navigate. You can get to all the places you need to be, see all the suppliers and get loads of education as well. There’s a lot of inspiration to be had there.” 

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 20th Sep 2019

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