The chrome trend

The chrome trend took social media by storm this summer and the industry was one step ahead, ready to arm techs with the tools and tricks to get clients’ nails gleaming.

Metallic finishes are nothing new and we’ve seen countless chrome-effect polishes and top coats enter the market, but now techs can create a truly mirror-like shine using powder.

Vivre International launched its Mirror Chrome Powders and Mirror Powder Kit at Professional Beauty North – six powders in colours from white pearl to multi-dimensional petrol blue and greengold. The kit also comes with a gel strengthener and top coat, which are layered and cured before the powder is applied using one of the included sponge applicators. After a cover of top coat and final cure, nails have a polished, reflective surface that looks like real metal.

For clients who are more pushed for time, Minx has turned the chrome trend on its head for next season with Backsides, a range of wraps for the reverse side of the nail. The nine shiny designs look great on longer extensions for a unique take on the high-shine look. For easy application, the wraps can be applied to the back of a tip before the enhancement is applied to the natural nail.

Images: Left: Instagram/©curvesonabudget13; below: ©Vivre International