Lanserhof Lans promotes Katharina Sandtner to medical director

Lanserhof Lans has appointed Dr Katharina Sandtner as medical director.

Effective from January 2019, Sandtner will take over the medical management of the resort in Lans, Austria, from Dr Georg Kettenhuber.

Sandtner is currently deputy medical director, having served in the role since 2015. In her new position, she will focus on further advancing the LANS Med Concept “to develop a health concept designed to support the natural healing process and promote physical wellbeing and inner balance.”

Having grown up in Lans, Sandtner, along with a group of other local children, was allowed to use the resort’s swimming pool as a child.

She then worked at Lanserhof while studying for a doctorate in human medicine, in the medical night service and on reception, before returning as a general practitioner and eventually becoming deputy medical director.

Dr Kettenhuber will remain involved with Lanserhof on an ongoing basis.

In March, Lanserhof announced its launch into the UK and the appointment of Sheila McCann as country general manager.