Leeds residents are biggest beauty spenders in the country

People who live in Leeds spend £7,000 per capita on beauty treatments and products each year, says new research from totallymoney.com.

The website carried out research into UK consumers’ beauty spending habits based on where they live and compiled an infographic showing the results.

Londoners followed closely behind Leeds with an average annual spend per person of £6,300, matched by those from Coventry. Belfast and Manchester completed the top five, with spends of £5,900 and £5,600 respectively.

Aberdeen residents came out bottom of the list of 30 cities with an average spend of £2,700 per person. 

The survey also looked into which treatments specifically consumers spent the most money on. Leeds was hot on teeth whitening and skin treatments, with average spends per person of £1,031 and £587 per year.

Belfast residents were the biggest spenders on skincare at £990 per person annually, while those living in Coventry spent the most on spa visits and manicures – £767 and £206 per person a year on average, respectively.

Cardiff has the biggest spenders when it comes to fitness – £643 is spent on average per capita on gym memberships and fitness classes.