Draft Level 3 Beauty Trailblazer Standards open for review

The draft Level 3 Beauty Trailblazer Standards are now available for review – Advanced Beauty Therapy Professional and Holistic Therapy Professional.

The standards, which are part of the Government’s apprenticeship reforms, were drawn up by the Beauty Professional Trailblazer group of employers and are designed to be a step up from the Level 2 apprenticeship standards.

The standards provide aspirational targets for apprentices and learners who are keen to progress in their careers and reflect industry best practice.

George Hammer, chair of the Trailblazer Steering Group for beauty professionals, said: “The advanced beauty therapy professional apprenticeship will provide apprentices with the right knowledge, skills and behaviours to competently work within the beauty therapy sector and will set a great foundation for continual professional development and progression.”

The Beauty Professional Trailblazer Steering group is now urging beauty professionals to participate in the process and have their say by completing surveys on the new standards by May 8, 2018.

Click here to fill in the survey. 

Diane Hey, the employer champion of the Trailblazer Steering Group for beauty professionals, believes it’s vital for those working in the industry to have input, adding: “These standards will provide the necessary stepping stone from Level 2 and a career opportunity for beauty professionals to progress into and onto further engagement with both the aesthetic routes and holistic/spa sector.”

The Trailblazer apprenticeships are employer-developed and are being hailed as an important step forward in transforming how apprentices are trained and tested within the industry.

The draft Level 3 Beauty Professional Trailblazer standards plans can be downloaded here. For more information on the Trailblazer Apprenticeships, click here.