When LPG meets HIIT and creates FIITNESS

Answering to name of Huber 360® FIIT, the device is in fact the fifth generation of a technology launched in the early 2000s. Originally dedicated to therapeutic treatments to support physiotherapists in the treatment of back pain, balance and posture problems, but also to train athletes, helping them in their post-trauma rehabilitation, this new device enables to (re)shape the figure in a harmonious, risk-free and totally comprehensive way.

Directly inspired from HIIT & fully connected, HUBER 360® FIIT is conceived to get closer to the needs of women and men seeking to take care of themselves despite their hectic lifestyle. 


Standing on the device, the challenge is to maintain the posture indicated while absorbing the platform’s movements. But the challenge does not end there! One must reach the on-screen targets to succeed. Halfway between a video game and a high-tech sport training, the entire body is put to the test, the sensations are strong and getting out of one’s comfort zone becomes routine. The plus? Customised exercises that stimulate twice as much! Thanks to the dynamic touchscreen, senses are stimulated and the brain - the major energy consumer - uses a maximum of glucose.

Thanks to its patented motorised platform, joint and muscular engagement is both intense and precise. Force sensors in the platform and handles enable to evaluate one’s cardio, force and coordination, core and physical condition at the beginning of a programme. The on-board dynamic posture corrector ensures the body is positioned correctly and the focus area targeted properly, whereas the maximum force (the theoretical indicator of one’s health) enables to push one’s boundaries whilst being in the correct energy path. At the end of each session the force sensors will provide insightful quantitative results.

HUBER 360® FIIT technology can now prove that you don’t need to raise your heart rate or suffer physical pain to practice HIIT. The winning combination of Lipoxmax intensity and maximum force on the device means that your body continues consuming 35% more fat after 30 minutes of rest after exercise and burns 13% more calories as of 5 minutes when compared with a stationary bicycle!

10-minute HIIT exercises are made accessible to anyone, without sacrificing safety to efficiency.

 View Huber 360® FIIT video here.