Lymphatic drainage and Compressive Microvibration for medical and aesthetic results

Lymphatic drainage is the basis for eliminating body waste, facilitating circulation and eliminating excess fluid. Often what clients perceive as cellulite, is actually stagnant lymph fluid trapped below the skin surface - by reducing this the appearance of cellulite will reduce. 

The incredible results of lymphatic drainage have been seen increasingly on social media boosting demand at clinics day after day. Inflammation of the subcutaneous fat is alleviated through a mobilising action, and cellulite and 'orange-peel skin' are drastically reduced, making way for a vascularised complexion and the stretching of epidermal tissues that regain a healthy balance.

A fact that is too often ignored is that lymphatic drainage is a speciality and cannot be performed by anyone. There are protocols to be followed to obtain results and not harm the patient. Endospheres can be used safely by both aesthetic doctors and beauty therapists with the right training. 

The Compressive Microvibration device has a benefit not only in the world of aesthetics but also in the sporting world, since with its five synergic actions - analgesic, vascularising, toning, remodelling and draining - it treats tissue inflammation, loosens contractures, disposes of lactic acid and shortens the recovery time between training sessions. 

The latest device in the Endospheres family makes use of a highly innovative system called IPERONDA, whereby the synergic action of the impulses of the myofascial activator together with the rotation of the 55 spheres in the handpiece makes it possible to attack the adipocyte in the abdominal areas more incisively.  

The core principles of the mother company have remained unchanged over the decades: enhancing natural, non-artificial beauty without limiting itself to the aesthetic as much as the therapeutic aspect.

Endospheres Evolution was born precisely with the intention of evolving personal beauty care. Remaining non-invasive, the Compressive Microvibration technology acts deep within the tissue achieving, remodelling, drainage and anti-cellulite results from just one session.

When our organism responds correctly to physiological functions, it means that we are taking care of our body in the right way and the beneficial effects of our care are reflected in a healthy, radiant appearance. 

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