Lynton launches Evo Series lasers

Machines manufacturer Lynton has upped its game in laser hair and tattoo removal with the launch of two high-powered platforms – the Duetto MT Evo and Q-Plus Evo. The Duetto MT Evo is the new generation of Lynton’s Duetto MT laser. Like its predecessor, it uses mixed technology to deliver both an alexandrite and nd:yag laser onto the skin simultaneously, giving more effective results on all skin and hair types – including tanned skin and light coloured hairs. However, the new Evo model is up to five times faster than the previous release.

Meanwhile, the Q-Plus Evo uses three laser wavelengths, including ruby laser at 3Hz, to remove tough pigments from multi-coloured tattoos more effectively. Both platforms can be upgraded with the Resurface fractional erbium yag laser, which can treat stretch marks and scarring, as well as rejuvenating fine lines and wrinkles. 

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