Sponsored feature: how combining treatments has boosted my business

Skincare professional Kathryn Buckley explains why she uses Nouveau Skin Therapy’s A-Lift and Dermatude Meta Therapy treatments in harmony with each other.

In my salon the Nouveau A-Lift and Dermatude Meta Therapy treatments work in perfect harmony with each other, accentuating the results of any treatment plan that I offer.

Let me give you an example. One of my client’s recently came in about a number of concerns she had regarding her skin. She had a long history of using botulinum toxin and fillers to try and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and was struggling to improve the overall appearance of her skin, with areas of significant hyperpigmentation around her eyes and on her cheek bones due to sun damage and sunbed use. She also had crepeiness of the cheek area and issues with her neck and jowl area.   

After discussing with her the benefits of A-Lift and Dermatude Meta Therapy, my client was keen to see whether these treatments would go some way to fulfilling her expectations. My primary concern was the overall health of her skin – I wanted to improve the texture and minimise pore size, while also working to reduce the appearance of areas of hyperpigmentation. 

I initially advised her to change her homecare routine, introducing a mixture of Dermatude Stem Cell Reactivator and Pigment Equalizer products to her daily cleansing ritual, as well as to begin a course of Nouveau A-Lift treatments, followed closely by Dermatude Meta Therapy, over a 15-week period.

Using A-Lift to improve the health of any client’s skin is always the first step in any advanced treatment plan I do and a must to achieve the desired improvements. It’s a great addition to any advanced facial and improves the results of other treatments, providing a much needed boost.

We got the ball rolling with a course of 10, one-hour long A-Lift treatments over a five-week period – using the whitening contour mask as a conducting gel for every other treatment and the mela-fadin ampoules as a serum.

Dermatude Meta Therapy was introduced in the third week, alongside A-Lift, using a layering technique of Pigment Equalizer and Stem Cell Reactivator products, as well as continuing the use of the homecare products I recommended. These combined facial treatments really strengthened the results, with the overall appearance of my client’s skin visibly improved. 

The results were astounding – improved elasticity and texture of the skin as well as visible improvement in the areas of hyperpigmentation. The client was pleased with the result and continues to have monthly maintenance treatments with both A-Lift and Dermatude.

Kathryn Buckley is a skincare professional and Nouveau Skin Therapy trained technician.