How to make lash extensions your core business offering

Published 26th Jul 2017 by PB Admin
How to make lash extensions your core business offering

Sarah-Anne BarhamSarah-Anne Barham (pictured), owner of Sarah-Anne’s Beauty in Felixstowe and NovaLash Lash Artist of the Year 2017, reveals how she went from doing two sets of lash extensions per week to being booked up three months in advance.

Setting up your own business in any industry can be daunting, especially if you’re starting from scratch. But while the idea of taking the plunge was terrifying, the concept of being my own boss was exhilarating and I couldn’t wait to get going.

I wanted to focus on a service I absolutely loved, which is where professional lash extensions came in. I’ve always enjoyed making people feel confident and in my eyes, lash extensions offer this and so much more.

When I first set up on my own, I was only managing to do two sets a week which just wasn’t going to cut it. I learned quickly that training with the right professional lash brand was going to be the difference between an OK business or a successful one I could be really proud of.


5 ways to make lash extensions your most popular service:

1. Train with a brand that will mentor and support you 

Yes, being self-employed has its benefits. You get to be your own boss and work the hours you want, but it can also be a challenge, so having support from a professional brand goes a long way.

Whenever undertaking any education, always find out what happens after the initial training. It’s important you have access to a trainer during the practice period – someone who can answer questions on everything from product features, technical advice and even marketing tips.

This support from professional lash brand Novalash, who I trained with, helped me understand and be confident in the products I was using, and how best to sell the service to new and existing clients.


Novalash Platinum Bond Adhesive

2. Find the best adhesive 

In my eyes, a durable adhesive is the key to a happy client and successful lash business. What attracted me most to NovaLash was its award-winning Platinum Bond Adhesive, which is by far the best I’ve ever used in terms of durability. Plus, it’s water, steam and oil-proof, so no down-time for clients.

Before my clients could only go two-to-three weeks between infills, whereas now, using this adhesive, clients return every four-to-five weeks which is amazing. As a one-man band, this really helped free up my schedule to accommodate more clients.


3. It's all in the technique  

While the adhesive is incredibly important, it’s as much about the technique used to create beautiful results. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way, following a technique I was taught by another brand before I went to Novalash.

This technique resulted in tangled and messy lashes after just two weeks. I knew that something had to change as I wasn’t happy with the service I was providing, so I invested in training and education with NovaLash.

Using the NovaLash technique, I now create a thick and natural lash line with eyeliner effect, and after four weeks my client’s lashes still look neat, fresh and tidy.

Sarah-Anne Barham Instagram4. Get social  

I’ve found that social media, especially Instagram, allows me to network while giving and taking advice. If you see a peer producing beautiful work, don’t be afraid to message and ask them for tips and vice versa. I often get asked for tips by beginners and by helping them it helps raise the standards of our industry.

Posting your work also creates a great social media relationship, especially with the brand you’re working with. You never know when they may repost your work, which could bring editorial or marketing opportunities your way.

Find me on Instagram on @sarahannes_beauty

5. Set goals 

I find it easier to write goals down and keep them somewhere I can see on a day-to-day basis. For example, a goal I recently set myself was to book in 30 new sets in 30 days, and I’m pleased to say I achieved this. 

To find out more about becoming a NovaLash certified stylist, contact NovaLash on 01273 041 966 or email [email protected].

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 26th Jul 2017

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