Male grooming market still offers untapped potential, research reveals

Skincare companies stand to significantly boost their profits by taping into the potential market of the millions of men who still use no, or minimal, grooming products, according to new research.

Intelligence from global market researchers the NPD Group shows that while 80% of men use some type of grooming products, many in the remaining 20% simply don’t see the need at the moment.

Men, NPD concluded, often view skincare products as problem-solving solutions, rather than as something to be used preventatively, or as part of ongoing skin maintenance.

Of non-skincare users, 42% say they don’t use skincare products because they don’t have any problems with their skin, while an equivalent percentage state that they are simply not interested. 

A lower number, 17%, commented that skincare products “are for women,” according to NPD’s Men’s Grooming Consumer Report 2015.

Facial skincare products was pinpointed as the category with the largest growth potential. Karen Grant, global beauty industry analyst at the NPD Group, said: “It's different when it comes to men. Women see problems in their skin, but most men don’t. For most men, facial care is not introduced until they are already adults, and often as a problem-solution type of product.

“Part of the process is to reposition the category for men so it is less associated with problem solving, and to spark interest and engagement in making facial care a seamless integration that is oriented to their particular life stage."

Among the men who do use grooming product, millennials – those aged 18-34 – lead the way. For this age group, prevention and aesthetic benefits are key, including reducing oiliness, minimising pores and preventing and treating acne. For older consumers, sun protection, hydration and anti-ageing are top of the agenda when it comes to the results sought.